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Welcome to Just Girly Topics!! This is a new and growing website created for girls and by a girl! Scroll through the site {Remember there are some changes being made} and make your own account! Go to News for upcoming events here on Just Girly Topics!! You can check out the forum and chat to your friends! Invite your friends to come and join the contests that are put together every month! *Private Message* the other members! There's more to the site, so go look around!

Rules of Just Girly Topics:

1) Always be polite, even to members you dislike.

2) No inappropriate language (example: sexual, cursing, racial, etc.)

3) Do not make more than one account. You will be caught and your account will be deleted.
4) Do not discuss religion on this site.

5) Lying is not appreciated.

6) Follow all the rules!! :)

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 by Mystique 1 months ago
Monthly photo contests will be held! The winner of the contest will have their image on the home page!
Visit News or Contests for more information.
Video Contest is still going!! The funniest video wins!
Visit News or Contests for more information. Also visit Songs to share your favorite tunes!